Thursday, July 23, 2009

Comparison! E.L.F. Eye Primer (from their studio line) VS. UDPP

Hey macaddicts!,

So...I decided to do a comparison on E.L.F Eye Primer and UDPP. So... on to the comparison!

The E.L.F. one, is $3, and can be purchased for

The UDPP ( urban decay primer potion) can be purchased from various retailers such as; Ulta,, Sephora,, etc. It's about $16-$17 depending on where it's purchased.

I decided to compare these products because OBVIOUSLY paying $3 for a product beats $17 anyday! I purchased both of these a while back, but honestly, I've used the E.L.F. one maybe twice for reasons that you will see later on in this post. On Tuesday, I decided on one eye to use urban decay primer potion, and on the other to use the E.L.F. primer potion.
Now, I'll show you which eye has what.
As you may, or may not be able to tell, the E.L.F. primer is slightly more visible on the eye.

Now, I will show you my individual eyes with eyeshadow applied.
The Eye with the UDPP is clearly more vibrant!
The E.L.F. primer is alright, but wait until
you see what it looks like 6 hours later!

After I got home from a 6 hour shift at work, I decided to take a picture of how
the shadows held up! Here's the results:

So honestly, I didn't think that the results would be THIS dramatic!
The eye with the UDPP looks like I've just applied it! Whereas the eye with E.L.F. studio primer looks as if I never even applied shadow at all! I'm amazed! So obviously, passing up this primer and splurging on the UDPP wouldn't be such a bad idea!

Here are some pics I took of swatches and comparisons on my hand, using the same primers, and the E.L.F. quad in Drama, which I love!

This can also be purchased from for$1!
These shadows are SUPER pigmented!! Great quad for a smokey eye!

Now, for the primers! The swatches and such will be shown on my hand. First I will show them not blended, then blended, and then with the shadows on them!

The UDPP is more of a liquid-y texture, and blends in easier. The E.L.F. studio primer is quite thick and is harder to blend in.

As you can see, the UDPP is slightly visible, but can easily be "hidden" by shadows applied over it. The E.L.F. primer on the other hand is still very visible
and since it is thick,would be harder to "hide".

With the shadows applied, the "winner" of this comparison is clearly the UDPP.
The E.L.F. studio primer looks as if it is a swatch without primer at all. I applied to even coats on each primer. The UDPP looks great! As I look at my hand with the swatches still on it, I can still clearly see the UDPP, however, the swatch using the E.L.F. studio primer is no longer visible!

In conclusion, the UDPP is a better buy. Although it it $13-$14 dollars more, the quality of the UDPP is well worth it. There's not much more to say because I feel that the pictures speak more then words can! Well, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed! Stay tuned for my MAC collective haul, Sigma Brush Haul, and my birthday haul! My birthday is this coming Monday, July 27th 2009!

xoxo ashley


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