Thursday, April 16, 2009


Okay, so today my lovely boyfriend took me to MAC today! I got two things from the Hello Kitty collection and one thing from the regular line. My Ulta haul is from Monday because my parents got me a giftcard to Ulta :). I got niva creme, cutex nail polish remover, covergirl eyeshadow, envi nail enamel dryer, and a loreal hip jelly balm, So, lets get started! 

So first I'll start with Mac. Under every picture will state my review and the price. 
Under each store haul will be the total price and pictures all together!

1. Mac Hello Kitty Lip Conditioner in Pink Fish!


I really like this! At first, I was a little nervous about the color, but I decided to look 
over that. I'm so happy I did! The color is very sheer! I really like sheer colors because I dont wanna look crazy!! Now lets get to the pros and cons. 

Smells like cake!
Sheer color

Sunscreen taste, but not too bad!

Overall, A+

2. MAC Hello Kitty Lustre Lipstick in Cute-ster


I also really love this product! It smells of vanilla and has a cute little Hello Kitty engraved in it!
The color is pretty much the color of my lips so its fairly sheer but has a baby pink color to it. I 
really like it because it has little gold glitters in it! Now to the pros and cons.

Cute little Hello Kitty Engraving
LOVE the packaging 
Smells great!
gold glitter!

glitter is a LITTLE annoying but its not a huge deal.

Overall, A+

3.MAC Brush Cleanser


So at first I wasn't going to get this because I already have Baby Soap that I use to clean  my brushes with, but with all of the YouTube videos I've been watching about it, I just had to get it! 
I just used it and I didnt realize just how much makeup was on there within 3 days of deep cleaning it! I'm definately going to make sure I spot clean everyday with this! Now to the pros and cons. 

It's pink!
Works extremely well
A little went a long way 
Cleaned my brushes very well!


Overall, A+


Grand Total : $41.48(icluding tax)

Now on to my Ulta Haul!

1. Envi Nail Enamel Dryer 


So at first i was excited about this product because I thought that it would, like it claims to, dry my nails. Sadly, this wasn't the case. I painted my nails yesterday and just to not get too excited about this prodcut,  I waited 20 minutes between each coat! When I sprayed my nails after 60 seconds with an even coat as it says to, and I waited about five minutes AFTER THAT and it still wasn't dry! I may give it another try though . Now to the pros and cons


Bad Smell
Does not dry effectively 
Freezes skin around fingers 

Overall, E

2.Cutex Instant Nail Polish Remover ( Non-Acetone)


I really like this product! All I had to do, as the directions state, was dip my finger in, twist, and VOILA! I love this! Now to the pros and cons

Worked fast!
Does as directions state
Saves cotton balls!

Bad smell but easy to get over 

Overall, A+

3.Nivea Soft Moisturizing Creme


This product was very moisturizing. I just got the trial size because I wasn't sure if I would like it, and two, it love the size and it fits in well with my compacts! Now to the pros and cons.

Moisturizes well
Smells nice
Love the packaging 
Lots of product

Overall, A+

4.Covergirl Single Shadow in Indigo Impact


In the picture, the color appears to be a much brighter blue, but its not. Its a dark indigo blue. I've only swatched this product, but even then I really liked it. The shadow was very soft and pigmented. Quite a surprise! Now to the pros and cons.

Very soft
very pigmented
pretty color :)

None so far

Overall, A+

5. L'oreal H.I.P. Jelly Balm in Ripe 


As in the picture, this picture resembles the color "Popstar" tinted lip conditioner from the MAC Hello Kitty Line. I got this in hopes that it would show up the same on my lips, and surprisingly it did! I really like this product. It smells like cake and its very moisturizing. I'm glad I bought this! Now on to the pros and cons

Nice packaging
nice smell 
sheer color 

None so far

Overall, A+


Grand Total : $20.37(icluding tax)

The prices that were underneath the Ulta Haul pictures were an estimate which is probably only a little bit off. I lost the receipt! 

Okay well thats it for my haul! Hope you enjoyed!



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